Letter to Hammerson, the owners

(the following letter was sent to the owners when we moved in)

All round the world people are spending more and more of their time concerned about the bonuses they earn per week, the dollar value of their stocks shares and bonds, losing weight with the latest diet or exercise recommended by Oprah, buying online pharmaceuticals to remove wrinkles or enhance the size of their breasts / manhood, showing off their rolex, luxury car etc… etc…. all the while their credit card debt mounts up and their lives and the worlds resources are used up!!!!

You received this email because we want to tell you about our organisation and our latest project. We read about your business on the Internet after finding your website and thought you should know about the revolutionary free shop we are setting up in London.

Similar to a charity shop only everything in the store is free, whether it is a book, clothing, a piece of furniture, household item, or bike part, it is all freely given away. It’s a place for people to exchange goods and services outside of a money based economy, a form of constructive direct action that provides an alternative to the capitalist framework. These spaces are an intriguing way to raise awareness about consumer culture and to promote the reuse of commodities. All run by volunteers, it’s not for profit, with free access and no age restrictions!!!

We think you’ll agree that t his scheme is an effective way of turning your ‘hidden assets’ into something positive. Think of it as a good karma investment, with no strings attached. Putting vacant buildings back in social use this way represents outstanding value with no obligation. Although for a limited time only, our current free store can be found at 6 Bowl Court in London. We thank you for this remarkable opportunity to offer people the financial freedom to do loads of amazing stuff 100% free!

We’d like to consult with you about this as soon as possible so lets get started now, give us a call. Do it today and let us know if you’d like the free exchange project to be removed or to discuss any terms and conditions.