In Court Today (4th June)

On 4th June at Gee Street Magistrates Court, property giant Hammerson via their front company RT Group Property Investments Ltd, will seek possession of not just our lovely squatted victorian warehouse in Bowl Court but also over half a dozen other neighbouring properties, many of which have existing occupiers with long term leases or other title. This crazy situation sees us, squatters, defending those neighbours against the possibility of eviction.


5 Responses

  1. while i support your squatting of Bowl Court and hope that it can be saved, what i really deplore is the graffiti on surrounding properties advertising the squat. Please stop ruining our environment with your spray can. thank you.

  2. We also upset by the ‘piki piki shack’ graffiti that has appeared on our neighbours property pointing at bowl court. We have no idea who did it and it is clearly thoughtless, ugly and unhelpful. We have been planning on trying to remove it but have been caught up in working on the defence for todays court hearing.

  3. the graffiti on the roof of bowl court and the bright red paint is also thoughtless ugly and unhelpful. . .

  4. Again, totally agree about the graffiti. The red paint however is merely a touch up of the original colour scheme on the building.

  5. made a comment for the first time and it came back as “you have already made this comment” so was just asking where the free school would be transfered and if it would be at ramaparts?
    and if you are interested in a talk on the federal infrastructure being ‘arranged’ on the planet???

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