Social Centres are self-managed spaces, a means whereby people can come together to create, conspire, communicate and offer a collective challenge against capitalism…

Bowl Court is one such social centre, a politically motivated project for individuals and campaign groups working on social justice and environmental issues. In what might broadly be termed the politics of the radical non-authoritarian left, the project seeks to demonstrate alternatives to the predominant destructive culture of commodification and capital.

Initiated by people wishing to facilitate DIY culture and grassroots organising and bring about positive social change, the project has evolved from the rampART social centre in Whitechapel that is now close to eviction. Through experiences with another sadly short lived rampART off shoot, the current project is keen to address issues of sustainability in temporary urban settings using permaculture design concepts.

We meet as an open collective every monday evening from 7pm to discuss use of the space and hear proposals.

Email us at bowlcourt(@)riseup.net or phone 0208 8192596

Social centres have always been a vital part of the infrastructure of radical social movements, and recent struggles in our cities and communities have given energy to a whole network of such places. You can find stories from over twenty social centres, occupied spaces and squatting collectives in a new book called ‘What’s This Place?’ – see socialcentrestories.org.uk


2 Responses

  1. Is it accessible to disabled people?

    For all these things, disabled people tend to be an afterthought. I know it’s an old building, squatted, and so making it fully accessible is always going to be difficult. However I do think that you should make it clear on your website whether or not it’s accessible. Otherwise disabled people won’t know.

    by ignoring disabled people’s needs / not providing access information you’re contributing to the disempowerment of disabled people.

  2. hi,
    i´m form czech republic (prague). i´m activist for animal rights. i went to UK last week (blackburn). i wont go to london next week and i found some squat in london. i´m sorry for my english i know she is bad but i try :o) pleas have you some free bed for me. thank you for your help

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