Unfortunately as Bowl Court was evicted that does mean the end of events happening there! however, please see below for some of the lovely things that did happen in the space whilst it was still functioning as a social centre…

Wednesday May 21, 2008 @ 8:00 pm

Public talk and film Screening@Bowl Court

Vancover Anti Poverty Committee Fight the Olympics:

Canadian comrade involved in the Anti Poverty about the travesty of the 2010 Winter Olympics and isAction Eastend and London Coalition Against Poverty (LCP) are organising a joint public meeting for a Committee in Canada and anti-olympic solidarity there, she is going to be in London on the Wednesday 21st May and is going to introduce the ‘Five Ring Circus’ film willing to discuss and answer any questions people have.

Please feel welcome to attend and please distribute as widely as possible.

Thursday 22nd May

Free Skool event this thursday

This is a call for people who want to share knowledge and skills to come and get involved. Through the institutionalisation of education, knowledge is taken out of the hands of the masses. A free skool aims to reclaim that education for all through sharing theoretical and practical knowledge. This can involve anything from a one off workshop on building a bicycle powered washing machine to individuals with shared interests meeting on a regular basis.

On thursday 22nd from 7pm onwards people will be coming together at bowl court social centre to discuss the concept of a free skool and how this could be put into practice within the space. Come along if you are interested. If you cant make it but would like to get involved email us.

Friday May 23rd, Sat 24th & Sun 25th

City of the Sun, art exhibition @Bowl Court

With London as the theme, the works depict some of the many possible ways to live this city from different points of view that usually are not represented by the mainstream. “Many of us came here not long ago from other countries. What are we looking for? What sort of dreams are we trying to make real? Why have we left our ”cities of sun” behind?

As foreigners we usually keep strong links with our countries of origin. As a consequence we look at London without forgetting what is happening simultaneously in other parts of the world and with a special attention for what is different from what we were used to, back home. Is the urban space meeting the needs of its inhabitants?

Our artworks are our way to deal with the many dysfunctional elements of this city and with the extreme sense of alienation that we often experience in the disorientating geography of London.”

  • Friday 6pm -12 opening, drinks and djs
  • Sat 1pm – 12 with live music from 6pm
  • Sun 1pm – 12 sound performance and video

Wednesday 28th of May, 7.30 pm

Screening of Dos Americas and Down But Not Out by Upheaval Productions
followed by a talk with one of the film-makers

Post-Katrina reconstruction is still in progress throughout the Gulf Coast, with much of the city of New Orleans still in ruins. Dos Americas: The Reconstruction of New Orleans focuses on those rebuilding this city through interviews with some of the estimated 100,000 Latino migrant laborers who have converged in this area over the past two and a half years.

Despite terrible working conditions, massive fraud, a housing crisis, severe harassment by law enforcement, and very limited resources, New Orleans’ Latino-community has mushroomed since the storm and is establishing an infrastructure proportional to its size. Take a look at how this community is organizing to defend itself against numerous injustices and the attempts to bridge the gap between themselves as new residents and the pre-Katrina population, all within the context of the extremely unique and tragic context of post-Katrina New Orleans. Trailer:

On August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina attacked the Gulf Coast of the United States. A Category-5 hurricane, Katrina destroyed entire towns and left a trail of destruction in her wake. But the impact was magnified by city, state, and federal government negligence, and in no city was there a better example of the government’s failure than in New Orleans, where thousands were killed—both by water and bullets—and hundreds of thousands were left behind to save themselves. In early August 2006, almost one year after the disaster, survivors sit down and talk about their experiences of fighting for survival in the days following Katrina, and how their lives have progressed since returning to New Orleans.

Providing accounts of living in a city whose populace has largely been forgotten, the survivors give a stinging description of a slow reconstruction process that is ignoring the human cost of rebuilding. Down But Not Out shows the people directly affected by the fallout from Hurricane Katrina, and lets those who experienced it tell the stories themselves.

Friday May 30th, 6pm

Radical Theory Reading Group

The readings for the next meeting are both by RD Laing: Ch 1 of The Divided Self (‘The Existential-Phenomenological Foundations for a Science of Persons’) and Ch 1 of The Politics of Experience and the Bird of Paradise (‘Persons and Experience’).

Downloads here:

May 31st, from 9pm till 2am

Music and Lights a benefit for (who provide valuable web space and email/list services for activist groups) and the Advisory Service for Squatters []

Flyer for Music & Lights£4 suggested donation

The Music and Lights Crew are staging a funky night of electro,reggae, funk and eclectic tunes. Two bands of super quality:

Djs: Steene, Catnip and CNTRST playing party tunes from afro,hip-hop to dnb. Grand Union Crescent come back with their positive reggae vibes and dubstep. Visual treats from Raul, Skiprat and slides from Mighty-I & further guests tbc

In between all this there’ll be a puppet performance and food. See you there.

wed 5th june

On 5th of June the Radical Bike Group London will do another Bike Film Night at the bowl court squat starting at 8pm, movie starting 8:30pm.
We’ll show “Even the Girls“, “Bike Like you mean it” and maybe some more + we serve tea and some cake. Feel free to bring along bikes, friends, flatmates, neighbors, cake, snacks, drinks or even movies to share as well.
After the screening we will have a bike sound system supported nightly bike ride.

Tuesday 10th June


The documentary illustrates the environmental disaster caused by
illegal dumpings which have polluted what once was one of the most
fertile countryside in Europe. In Campania, the region of Naples,
Camorra, the local mafia has made incredible earnings disposing
industrial waste around the sprawling suburbia. After fifteen years of
emergency and of conflict between state and local communities on the
issue of new landfill sites and incinerators, the region is on its
knees. The authors – Esmeralda Calabria, Andrea D’Ambrosio and Peppe
Ruggiero – show the responsibility of local entrepeneurs and
politicians in the disaster and the rebellion of the local population.
The story which they narrate, while reflecting the grim situation of
Campania and Italy, is also a warning about the risks faced by many
other regions, in a world on the verge of environmental collapse.

Thursday 12th June

Palestinian Film Night

A benefit film night for Anna Wajda, a Polish activist, coordinator of
Palestine solidarity group “Viva Palestyna” in Poland.
In October of 2007 she was arrested in West Bank by Israeli
authorities. While in prison Anna asked an Israeli lawyer known for
defending Palestinians and international human rights activists for
assistance. The benefit would help cover the cost of the lawyer’s

Two films will be shown preceded by an introduction from Anna’s friends:

– Gaza Strip is a 2002 documentary film by James Longley which records
events taking place in 2001 during the Second Intifada. The film
focuses on 13-year-old Mohammed Hejazi, a second-grade dropout the
filmmaker encountered at the Karni crossing in the Gaza Strip, where
Palestinian children often gather to throw stones.

– Shebab Daiya is a 2003 documentary film with real footage from
Palestine: house demolitions, running from Israeli tanks, random
shooting, defying the curfew, and interviews with Palestinians. The
film was compiled from footage shot by European activists working in
Palestine August 2002 to February 2003. During this period the West
Bank and Gaza Strip suffered multiple invasions and a constant state
of occupation by the Israeli Army. The film was made by videographers
working with International Solidarity Movement (ISM).

£3 suggested donation

Saturday 14th June

benefit gig for immigration detainees and London Action Resource Centre (LARC)

8pm – 2am. donation at the door.

with bands, DJS, cabaret, film and stalls.

Wednesday 18th June

8.00 pm to 11.00pm

Asylum Speakers Speak Out! and Film Night

Asylum seekers and refugees tell their experiences. This will be a
community circle not a stage. Speakers needed.

Films: After Sangatte by Oscar Beard
Still Human, Still Here: A.I. film on the plight of destitute asylum seekers
Real Harm: Schnews on the No Borders protest at Harmondsworth 2007
Land of No Return by Rachel Stevenson and Harriet Grant

Some free food provided, but feel free to bring more and share!

Thursday 19th June
7pm onwards
Free Skool meeting

This weeks meeting combines a workshop on meetings with the meeting
itself. From 7 – 8:30pm methods of facilitating meetings will be
discussed and then this will be put in to practice with a half hour to
an hour meeting for organising the free skool itself. Ideas for
workshops/discussions/skillshare welcome as always.

8PM – 2AM

A benefit gig for green scare prisoner Eric McDavid, recently
sentenced to 20 years in prison for ‘conspiracy to commit arson’ on a
genetics lab in the USA (more info at

The following bands will be performing;

Who Calls So Loud? – U.S Epic Scremo

Me and Goliath – London/Kent Scremo three peice

Waste Away-( -political melodic hardcore

Saturday 21st June
8pm – 2am
benefit night for political prisoners in Atenco

There will be films, cabaret, bands, DJs and Mexican food.

On 3 and 4 May, 2006 more than 2,500 state and federal Mexican police
arrived at the small town of San Salvador Atenco, Mexican State, to
repress members of a social movement (People’s Front in Defence of
Land, FPDT) protesting in support of local flower sellers who had been
displaced from their traditional place of work because the government
was planning to build a Wall Mart there. Another reason for this big
repression was that in 2002 the people from Atenco organised in
People’s Front in Defence of Land (FPDT) and resisted the forced
displacement from their community to make way to a new Mexico City
airport. The FPDT supports the Zapatista’s Other Campaign which seeks
to connect all of the anticapitalist movements all over Mexico.

During this violent police repression which was ordered by the Mexican
State governor, Enrique Pena Nieto and then Mexican Republic
president, Vincente Fox;

A 14 year old boy and a student were killed
207 people (including 10 miners) were victims of cruel, inhuman or
degrading treatment
145 were arbitrarily arrested
26 women suffered sexual assault
5 foreigners, in addition to the violence inflicted on them, were
illegally expelled from the country

Now, 2 years later, there has been no political responsibilities
admitted and no police officers brought to justice for their crimes
committed. However, there are still 16 people held in prison. 3 of
them in the maximum security prison of Altiplano, all accused of
kidnapping and attacks on the general means of communication and
sentenced to 67 years. 13 are in prison Molino de Las Flores, in
Texcoco, Mexico State.

The FPDT and all their supporters demand the freedom of all political
prisoners and the punishment of political and police responsibilities.
They continue their struggle against capitalism and the defence of the


Tuesday 24th June

from 7PM onwards
An informal report and discussion on the Rog Social Centre in Ljubljana

Members of the Rog collective will present on the current state of
affairs in an occupied factory in Ljubljana currently under threat by
local government. Rog is a completely furnished, programmatically
innovative and well visited concert hall, circus and gallery. The
social centre holds regular meetings and weekly discussions with
workers living in boarding houses, activists from the asylum seekers
home, people without papers, detained in the detention centre in
Postojna, the erased citizens of Slovenia and others who recognise the
creative, organisational and resistance potential of Rog. The
temporary users of Rog represent an inexhaustible wealth of knowledge
and experience. In many ways they have become an example to other
autonomous spaces of independent art and cultural, intellectual and
social activities both in Slovenia and in Europe.

The Rog factory proves that it is possible to organize life and labour
without concessions to privilege and profit demanded by the capitalist
city management and the advancing eradication of public spaces,
including institutions of art, culture, education and social
activities. As an active site of occupation, Rog’s users denounce all
forms of eradication of such places and stand committed to defending

The event follows a meeting of European Social Center’s meeting to be
held at ROG, 20-21-22 June
More information at:

Thursday 26th June, 8pm

‘the battle of tolmers square’ and discussion

We will be screening the 30 minute documentary ‘the battle of tolmers square’ (see below for details) from 8pm onwards and then discussing how to defend spaces in light of the current situation at Bowl Court. How should the media be used within such situations and what is the best way to gain local support? If you would like to come and get involved in the space then this is the prime opportunity. We have already begun a media campaign, with the Victorian Society issuing a press release last week ( and the Hackney Gazette visiting the space for an article in this weeks paper. However, the aim of this meeting is to form a plan of action for what to do next.

“For seventeen years, Tolmers Square in north London was the focus of a conflict involving tenant’s groups, community associations, students, squatters, intellectuals, political parties at both national and local level, and property developers. The dramatic story of that conflict is told by Nick Wates, who describes how Tolmers Square became a national symbol of the fight against property speculation and the need for community involvement in planning.” (taken from

Friday 27th June, 6pm
Radical Theory Reading Group
The reading for the next meeting is Chapter 9 ‘The Masses and the State’ from Wilhelm Reich’s The Mass Psychology of Fascism.

Download here 

or as an e-book from here
_(PDF_ebook) (you will need to first download MS E-Reader if you don't already
have it as well as BitTorrent from the Pirate Bay website).

Tuesday 1st July, 7PM
Riseup!, indymedia and aktivix info night

Most people are familiar with whether they are signed up to a dozen mailing lists provided by them (including the rampART/Bowl Court newsletter) or have their mailing account with them. However this is only one element of their work known as Riseup Networks. The other part is known as Riseup Labs and refers to their research and development of “free software that promotes security and privacy.” If you are interested in hearing further about their work then come along to Bowl Court on Tuesday to hear from a person involved in the project and ask them a question or two. Also at the space will be someone to talk about the UK’s equivolent of riseup! ( and someone to introduce the new London Indymedia website which will be in action someday soon.

Friday 4th July

Dissident Island! will be broadcasting from the space about events, actions and issues relating to the G8. check closer to the time for more info.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 7-9th July, 7pm
NO!G8 cafe

To coincide with the G8 summit in Japan we will be screening any footage we can get our hands on from activities over there. Vegan food will be available along with coffee and tea from 7pm onwards. News of the day screening starts at 8pm followed by the following;

On Tuesday 8th we will be joined by US activist Lisa Fithian who will be talking about repression and politics of Japanes border control, as well as her experience in Japan before being told to leave by July 4 after being detaned for 11 hours. Lisa has been a community and labour organiser for 33 years, and is a steering committee member of United for Peace, has worked with the Common Ground collective in post-Katrina New Orleans, and the Justice for Janitors campaign, among many other organisations and campaigns. She is a member of the RANT collective.

On Wednesday 9th, the film “What would it mean to win?” by Oliver Ressler will be shown, followed by a discussion. The film is a documentary about last year’s G8 protests in Heiligendamm. Interviews with various activists trigger a worthwhile debate concerning forms and strategies of protest, the assumed collectiveness of a “we”, and the title question: What would it mean for the “the movement” to win?


Programme of events;

This afternoon: Pool Table Making workshop
7PM: Pedal Powered Washing Machine workshop.

All Day and into the night: the perfect combination of Punk ‘n’ Ping Pong
In the afternoon: Flight of kites and other flying objects
6PM: Meet your neighbour; a radical bicycle tour of the City

All Day juggling workshop
In the afternoon: rocket stove making
8ish onwards: Freeze the City: DJ Freeze takes a stroll…

That is all that is planned as of yet, but if you have any ideas for
other events, drop us a line at or just come

6pm @ Bowl Court
[[ Radical Theory Reading Group ]]

Download readings here
and here

6pm @ Bowl Court

There will be a meeting this friday at Bowl Court to start organising a week long free skool event at the beginning of September.

A free skool aims to confront the hierarchy and inequality which dominates learning. It stems from a belief that the control and institutionalisation of education is wrong and as communities we need to reclaim knowledge in order to develop self reliance. The free in free skool refers to the freedom of learning as well as learning outside of the monetary system. It directly challenges the elitism of the expert and ‘doctor knows best’ attitude understanding that we are all equal and can learn from one another.

The week long event will hopefully include workshops, skill-sharing and discussions on many topics. Ideas thus far include ceramic oven making, permaculture, squatting, rocket stove making, digital photography, pedal powered wahing machine, gender & autonomous spaces, basic web design, amongst others…

If you would like to help organise the event, facilitiate a workshop/discussion or have ideas for topics to be included then please come along to the meeting this Friday 1st August from 6pm onwards at Bowl Court Social Centre. Alternatively, if you can’t make it, email

3pm @ Bowl Court

Food Not Bombs will be having their monthly meeting from 3pm this Saturday at Bowl Court Social Centre and then cooking for people biking to the Climate Camp.


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